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An tahlil Of Order Submissions On The Xetra Trading System

An tahlil Of Order Submissions On The Xetra Trading System Book Description Using an innovative empirical methodology we analyze trad ing activity and liquidity supply in an open limit order book market and test a variety of ypotheses put forth by market microstructure theory. We study how the state of the limit order book, i.e. liquidity supply, as […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Andrew Willis – The Insiders Guide to Trading the World Stock Markets

  Book Description  This book is written for the sole purpose as a guide to trading and investing in the stock markets and should not be viewed or interpreted as the only ans of profiting or as a guarantee to profit. Please be advised that the data provided, especially the Web site links and market indices is current as […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Andrews Pitchfork

Book Description  Andrews’ Pitchfork is a method of channel identification in a trending market  This technique, in effect, splits a major channel into two minor equidistant channels The lines in the Pitchfork tend to delineate lines of support and resistance  

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Andrews Scott – Understanding Gaps

Book Description Understanding Gaps is part of an ongoing series of publications of Traders Press Inc®. Each book in  his series is intended to provide traders with an up-close look at a topic which has had little in  epth coverage in other trading related literature…and to provide a source of additional information  s well as […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Can Splits Create Market Liquidity – Theory And Evidence

  Book Description We present a market microstructure model of stock splits in the presence of minimum  tick size rules.The key feature of the model is that  iscretionary trading is endogenously determined. There exists a tradeoff between adverse selection costs on the one hand and discreteness  elated costs and opportunity costs of monitoring the market on the […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013

  I have got a lot of questions about the mystery of the bars count. I’m going to describe everything about Bars in this appendix. What’s a BAR? The bar is the dawning unit on the chart which you can specify by choosing the period of the timeframe

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Agent Games To The Prediction Of Financial Time-Series

  Book Description We report on a technique based on multi-agent games which has potential use inthe prediction of future movements of nancial time-series.hird-party game is trained on a black-box time-series,and is then run into the future to extract nextstep and multi-step predictions. In  ddition to the possibility of identifying pro t opportunities, the technique may prove useful in […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Applied Multivariate Statistical tahlil

Applied Multivariate Statistical tahlil Most of the observable phenomena in the empirical sciences are of multivariate nature. This book presents the tools and concepts of multivariate data tahlil with a strong focus on applications. The text is devided into three parts. The first part is devoted to graphical techniques describing the distributions of the involved […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Trading to Win: The Psychology of Mastering the Markets

A breakthrough programfor achieving new heights of trading success.The product of a five-year collaboration between Dr. Ari Kiev, a leading psychiatrist renowned for his success with Olympic athletes, and top equities trader Steve Cohen, Trading to Win gives you the essential tools to overcome outmoded, self-limiting beliefs and mindsets that may be keeping you from […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide

The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide provides you with a broad examination of the most important compliance and risk management issues associated with today’s hedge funds. Straightforward and accessible, this invaluable resource covers everything from how hedge funds continue to generate lucrative returns to why […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013