Martin Pring – Breaking the Black Box

Breaking the Black Box
Martin Pring – Breaking the Black Box


Listen, watch, read and learn how to design, test and implement your own mechanical trading systems. Part I takes you systematically through the process of designing, testing and applying systems in the market place, along with tools for risk management, leverage, timing and more.

Part II covers systems based on a single security, such as U.S. equity market, closed end mutual funds, soybeans and the CRB. Part III highlights intermarket relationships.

Here, you will learn to analyze equities vs. short-term interest rates, CRB vs. gold, bonds vs. commodities and systems that use relative strength. Proof is in the pudding, so Parts 2 and 3 illustrates these principles with actual market place examples of several tried and tested systems.

Lastly, Part IV is the Appendix, which offers the interactive quiz (with answers) found on the CD, reproduced to help you test your knowledge of material already covered. You will also find a glossary of terms used within the book

If you pont want to design your own systemthats okay. Martin offers you a full menu of ideas that can be implemented immediately. None are perfect, but some, such as that is applied to the NASDAQ, beat the buy/hold approach by 3,000% between 1980 and 1998.

Remember when gold was in the doldrums between 1981 and the turn of the century? He shows you an approach using a no-load gold fund that would have turned $1 to $50 between 1989/98. Not all systems are of the Holy Grail variety and Pring is not afraid to tell his students about the potential pitfalls and problems with the application.

One of his favorite and best-performing systems using the British pound worked brilliantly between 1970 and 1990, then for some unforeseeable reason went bust. While it was not possible to anticipate such a development, he does tell us how we might have identified its weakness just after it began to fail and which currency showed greater promise using the same approach.

Prings Technical tahlil Explained has been a best seller for two decades and his more recent Introduction to Technical tahlil CD-ROM tutorial has already established itself as a standard work in the field. Now, for the first time, the fascinating subject of mechanical trading systems is written in easy-to-understand language.

Breaking the Black Box is the third in his Advanced Technical tahlil series of book/CD-ROM combinations where interesting topics are presented at length using the audiovisual format


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