Bryce Gilmore – Trading to Win

Bryce Gilmore - Trading to Win
Bryce Gilmore – Trading to Win


A Specific instruction
with Examples
for S&P Emini
Intra-day Traders

A comprehensive and specific trading instruction for real time low risk intra-day trading setups based on PATTERN, VOLUME, MOMENTUM & GEOMETRY in the S&P Emini or other all freely traded Dynamic Trading Indexes volume markets.

The TTW course manual now comprises 350 pages of instruction, specific trading patterns, geometric examples and a simplified guide to my XABCD (Elliott Pattern Type) approach to low risk trading.

This course is for professionals but will give the novice an accelerated introduction to the inner workings of the markets today.

This manual provides you with a plan and a specific instruction on how to execute when new trading opportunities are signalled. There are approximately 5 or 6 very reliable opportunities a day working with a five minute price series.

My approach does not involve systems that rely on lagging indicators or make believe ideas – I have set ups that work more times than they fail. Everything is specific and to the point. This manual demonstrates how to trade like a professional without guessing. My approach allows for trading both the long and the short side of the market on a daily basis with tight money management.

You will never find another trading approach as detailed or as flexible as the one I teach to my students.

This perhaps will be remembered as the best of my books in so far as it offers the reader a specific instruction to follow to intra-day trade in a market which offers unrestricted profits.

After completing the TWAE book I felt there was still something important left to teach before I retired from writing. I have been over and over the contents of this book to make sure I have it presented in a way even a rank novice can understand.

In the process of writing this manual over an 9 month period I had completed 3 drafts before I finally decided it is ready to publish – the drafts were mostly written in real time and explain the approaches, the tools, the signals, the SIGNS this market makes that allow you to take LOW RISK trading entries and WIN.

With the help of my students from Club 144 I have addressed every important issue as it applies to preparing for the day ahead and then actually facing the day in hand.

During the writing period I also refined the tools in my own program WaveTrader to make the intra-day tahlil less complicated. This manual is about using finely honed tools of pattern and ratio tahlil of price on a day to day and minute to minute basis for actually understanding where the intraday trends will expire and resume.

TTW is for traders who wish to embark on an occupation  trading intra-day markets. It is not designed or written for people who want to trade from an arm chair.

This manual is for the people who want to pit their trading skills against the World’s best – in an electrifying environment where unlimited profits are available.

TTW offers the student a cohesive plan of approach to trading the EMini and instructs the student in a methodology that will allow the plan to be put into practice.

Over the years I have proven to even the most professional of traders that there is still many things they need to learn – these things are all included in this manual.

Successful trading practice revolves around identifying technical market SUPPORT & RESISTANCE levels that fit with the daily market flow and mood. This book will teach you how to follow the market mood and identify these important points where low risk trades can be initiated. This book will teach you how to trade with 6 tick and less stop losses on the E-Mini. You can scalp trade or let your profits run.

The secret to successful trading is knowing when to trade not just trading for trading’s sake. It is easier to pick up 5+ points on 10 contracts than it is to make 40/50 points on one contract and sometimes it only takes minutes. Some days you can do it 3 or four times. With intra-day margin available so cheaply, leverage is the way to go. This book will instruct you how to do it. This book is only for people who want to control their own destiny


Bryce Gilmore – Trading to Win 

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