Synchronicity Market Timing – Fibonacci Queen

Synchronicity Market Timing
Synchronicity Market Timing


Teaches how to use a price cluster which is the coincidence of at least three or more Fibonacci price relationships within a relatively tight range. These clusters identify potential key support and resistance zones. If you take trades against these cluster zones with a good trigger or filter with the trend in mind you can greatly improve your trading results. Using Symmetry by itself can also be used to create a trade setup

Biography: Carolyn Boroden is a commodity trading advisor and technical analyst specializing in market tahlil using Fibonacci ratios. Ms. Boroden has been involved in the trading industry for over 20 years. Her background includes working on the major trading floors including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, NYFE, and COMEX. She also taught a segment of the Chicago Commodity Boot Camp seminars for four years on advanced trading techniques using Fibonacci ratios on both the time and price axis of the market. She has been a featured speaker on Fibonacci tahlil for venues such as the Market Technicians Association,

TradersExpo,, the Denver Trading Group and Cornerstone Investments. She currently runs an intraday trading advisory service from Chicago, IL focusing on stock index futures. This service is broadcast live through the hotcomm webconferencing platform. For more information, check out her website @ or e-mail at cb1618 @


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