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High Probability Trading Strategies Robert C. Miner

High Probability Trading Strategies

High Probability Trading Strategies Robert Miner


High Probability Trading Strategies PDF+ Video File will provide traders with a step-by-step guide to analyzing market behavior, identifying profitable trades, and executing those trades in a way to both preserve and grow a trader’s capital.

Well-known trading educator Robert Miner will explain how he has drawn on the theories of legendary trading gurus W.D. Gann and R.N. Elliott to create a very practical and easy-to-learn method. The first part of the book will explain how he uses both price and time tahlil to find profitable situations by trading with the trend and then trading against the trend.

Each chapter will build on the prior one so that a complete trading plan is developed by the end of the section.   The second part of the book will show trade setups for a variety of time frames in the forex, stock, and futures markets. The companion CD will include more examples and will illustrate bar-by-bar setups from the book

This powerful new system is unlike any other EVER released, because for the first time ever, it captures HOW to use the candle patterns and professional western active trading skills with live “in motion” charts.   It’s designed specifically for BOTH swing traders and intraday stock traders.

We captured every single nuance of how to trade, step-by-step, for two LIVE market days, using actual market charts as they unfolded, candle by candle, trade by trade, so you can actually see how to trade the patterns yourself with real time market examples.

Think of it as the “missing link” that you need to see for street-smart genuine trading skills, explained with easy-to-understand actual charts in action