Lifestyle Trading with L.E.A.P.S. 8 DVDs Darlene Nelson


You won`t want to miss this one! Darlene has been called the “Best Covered Call Writer in the United States” and for a good reason. She has retired more traders from her knowledge in this two days action packed workshop, full of eye opening secrets.

And that`s good news for you. You see having the tapes of a seminar is often better than attending live! Here`s why: At a live seminar, you often miss 40% to 60% or more of what is being said. However, when you have the tapes…you can review them over and over…and…take meticulous notes. With the tapes you won`t miss anything !

You`ll get the entire seminar, every minute recorded on DVD

This series by itself is sold for $2995 on Darlene`s site this minute.

Here`s a list of some of the things you will learn when you attend the two-day workshop:

* How knowing the difference between buying a LEAPS option versus a regular short-term option can make you the bigger profits. Which one will cost you more? Here`s a hint…It`s not what you think.
* How knowing which of the Greeks (and there are 4 of them) can determine which option is going to cost you the least, which will profit the fastest, and which will be the safest.

* How to become an expert at writing covered calls from the master herself. After you see how, you`ll come to understand why Darlene Nelson is hailed as the “Best Covered Call Writer In America”.
* How to recognize the different types of volatility and how it can often save you from a bad trade.
* Darlene will teach you three very little known but very powerful indicators that will show you exactly what the big boys are doing and if we are heading into a bull rally or a bear almost the moment it happens! Imagine being able to arm yourself at the very start of every major reversal even before the general public gets wind of it! It`ll be the closest thing to having your own crystal ball!

* Uncover the one spread strategy you need to be concerned with to make the right trades. Be careful though, as it has been our observation that many brokers often confuse this one strategy with the wrong one. Let this act as a tip off to you to know whether or not your broker is up to the job of making you money.
* Darlene`s “Let`s Go Shopping” criteria for picking the best stock candidates. Darlene cherry picks the best each day from a list of about 130 of the safest companies you`ll ever want to invest in.

* Learn the TRUE meaning of the word “FLOAT” and how most Wall Street professionals have got it dead wrong. Knowing the correct definition makes all the difference between success and failure in trading.
* How to adapt Darlene`s “When to Buy a Home” position and “When to Rent to a Renter” position mindset.
* How to cast a safety net over each and every trade. Do you like to sleep peacefully at night? Darlene does! She`ll show you the rules to follow so you can sleep like a baby every night “with nary a worry over any of your trades.”

* How to shop for and use cheap “insurance”. Place a full body armored shield around each and every one of your trades. If the big boys do it then so should you!

* How to “profitably” turn to a “PLAN B” in the event you get called out of a stock.
* How using stop-loss orders can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary losses and she`ll teach you a way how not to be taken. Market Makers are often described as those having a license to “print money”. They get to see exactly where both sides want to buy and sell a particular stock – which allows them to make a quick profit using that information.

It`s funny how Darlene likes to use the analogy of a seagull flying up above the ocean and seeing all the fish swimming close to the surface. Then in one fell swoop the seagull dives down, scoops up the targeted fish, and heads right back up again! This is exactly what happens when Market Makers see all those stop orders waiting in the wings! They`ll either “dive” down or “soar” up to prices in order to scoop up some orders and then restore prices to their realistic levels! By using Darlene`s simple and unique method, you can stay one step ahead of the Market Makers and beat them at their own game!

The bigger secret is – The Market Makers are not the only ones stealing your money.
* Darlene`s two proprietary formulas for:
۱٫ figuring out how much you can expect to profit from a trade, and
۲٫ how much a stock has to move in price in order for it to become profitable
A few simple calculations is all it takes to let you know if a trade is going to be a good deal or a bad one – before you place the trade!

* What the brokerage firms absolutely don`t want you to know. There happen to exist a certain “Banking Unit” in each brokerage firm that carries with it a very very dark secret. A secret that literally robs unsuspecting investors of billions of dollars of their own money (not profits) each year.
Blaming your broker won`t help; this is such a powerful moneymaker for the firm that the big brass would not dare disclose this information to even their own brokers! * NOTE: This secret is so powerful; it`s worth the cost of the two-day course!
* A simple yet powerful letter you absolutely must send to your broker immediately. Not doing so may result in the firm legally taking away your stock and your money.

* You`ll learn about the “SDS Policy”. Including why you must only deal with firms who honor this particular policy or risk paying HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in extra and totally unnecessary commissions for each trade that the “SDS Policy” applies to.
* How to avoid what Darlene calls “Brain Freeze Trading”. It`s happened to the best of us, the market makes a sudden and unexpected move in the wrong direction resulting in potentially painful losses in a trade.

What should you do, who should you ask?!! If you`re like most of us we tend to react much like a deer caught in the headlights – frozen with fear. This may have happened in the past, but not anymore! By using a simple technique you can prevent potential disaster. This technique is a “portable recovery method” and all it takes is a cell phone. You could be at a grocery store when you hear the news that could effect your trade, and you`ll know in an instant exactly what you need to do to protect your trade.

* Know how to combine the strategies contained in Darlene`s “Stock Split Secrets” with THE “LIFESTYLE TRADING WITH L.E.A.P.S” to really rake in the monster profits. Darlene and Miles used this idea to make a fortune with Sun Microsystems and they had enough profits to purchase their very own “Dream Castle” that`s been featured in “A Home Show”!
* A simple time calculation that will never allow you to ever be caught in a “PREGNANT PERIOD” with any of your positions.”

* You will learn how to fill out easy to use forms to examine case study after case study using real, live, examples until it gets beaten into your head. You will not only know what to do…but WHY you`re doing it! At the end of the two days you will go home with the confidence of knowing EXACTLY what to do.”
* Perform side-by-side case study comparisons showing you “BEST” to “WORST” case scenarios using live examples. You will learn the eye opening secrets to why this system is the most incredible profit-producing cash machine in existence.


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