New York Traders Workshop 2008

New York Traders Workshop 2008
New York Traders Workshop 2008


We`ll send you a DVD set of the video from the workshop, plus archive the entire video from the workshop (recorded live in New York) on the Web over 20 hours of total instruction that you can watch over and over again. Not only will the information be presented in the same, entertaining way, but you`ll be gaining access to the valuable money-making trading strategies we`re teaching in New York

The Retail Order Flow Trading System:

* This is what everyone has been asking about, with good reason: it`s the simplest, most powerful, most profitable trading system I`ve ever used. And I use it every week. (Rob Grespi and Jason Alan Jankovsky)

* There are a few people who will tell you about places that you can find “secret” information about order flow, or stop losses from big traders, or sentiment information. But we`re going to show you how to see what no one else is even paying attention to, and profit from it. There are profitable trades, in plain sight, that no one else sees. These are the trades that make other traders around you, scratch their head, and say, “How on earth did you just do that?” This trading system took four years to build, and so straight-forward that it will take you only 30 minutes to learn, and you can spend a lifetime profiting from it.

Live Trading:

* During at least one of the webinars, we`ll plan and take real trades in the market with our own money. And explain how the principles we teach you created those trades.We put our money where our trading mouths are!

The Secret of Making Money From News :

* News trading is one of the most difficult ways to make money in the currency market. Most traders get hacked and whipsawed by the volatile price action and usually walk away in frustration. But Boris has a simple, low risk method that takes much of the guesswork out of the trade. For the first time ever he will share his secret of how he turns macro economic surprises into intelligent trading opportunities with clear risk and reward parameters. Don`t miss this chance to learn how follow the speculative flow in the currency market and make money in the process.

The LEAP® Method of Building Trading Systems:

* A comprehensive system for building, testing, trading, and evaluating trading systems. You can`t get this anywhere else. You can use the LEAP® Method to independently verify whether the trading systems we teach really work. We`ll provide you evidence but you will be able to verify that that they truly do work for you and can make you money.

Professional Risk Management Techniques:

* It’s the forgotten subject: 99% of traders don’t want to talk about money management because it intimidates them. How much should you risk per trade? How can you make the most amount of money from the trading strategies over time? How long will it take you to trade for a living? We provide you with tools and techniques of master traders and take this complex subject and simiply it so that you can master the science of money management.

At Least 5 Additional Trading Systems:

* Long term. Short term. Ranging markets. Trending markets. You will learn which market is right for you, and how to trade it profitably. Boris has a wicked cool Reactive Trading System that solves the problems associated with news-trading and makes a ton of pips.

Become an Economics Powerhouse:

* Kathy has some secrets to fundamental tahlil that she has never taught to anyone. Rob is going to share with you the powerful method of how the best traders in the world not only use those secrets but build on them. Economic tahlil can unlock some incredibly profitable trades: we`ll give you the keys.

Your Individualized Trade Plan:

* Do you have a weekly trading plan? A daily trading plan? We are going to help you build one, and it will keep you consitent and on track in applying the strategies you learn.

The Arizona Rules:

* A powerful method for sizing up any market, any time frame, in just seconds. You can apply the Arizona Rules to currencies, futures, commodities, bonds, stocks the Arizona Rules will arm you with you information you need to gain an insider’s perspective instantly.

The Surprise Trade:

* Trade the trend breakouts before anyone else even realizes that it’s about to happen. How to identify breakouts so early that people will wonder how you were able to pick the early entries on great trades.

The NEW Tombstone Trade:

* Trade the trend reversal while other traders are still euphoric about the move that’s just about to end – people will think you’re crazy. This is the same technique that Rob uses to send out his trade alerts and here’s the track record of those alerts.


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