ABC Pattern and broad market tahlil

ABC Pattern and broad market tahlil
ABC Pattern and broad market tahlil


This Webinar recording will educate you on a specific ABC pattern, in depth technical tahlil and broad market tahlil
This Week’s Topic & Link, Exclusively for Online Trading Academy Grads:
Online Trading Academy XLT-BMA Instructor, Fernando Gonzalez, will discuss his specialty, broad market tahlil. Don’t miss this informative session

     Fernando Gonzalez
-Best-selling Author: Strategies for the Online Day Trader (McGraw-Hill 1999), reached overall best-seller list on & section bestseller list for Barnes & Noble and other notable sources.
-B.S. Finance, Boston College 1989
-۱۶ years of direct exposure to Equity Markets
-Over 9 years of high volume Professional Trading. Long-term track record of profitability and a successful approach to Professional Trading in all time frames including Long-Term, Swing-Term and High Volume NASDAQ scalping methods.
-Laid down the original material, coursework and design for the organization that later became Online Trading Academy (1997-1998)
-Designed and individually conducted courses for over 400 trading students and several hundred others in Lectures, Forums and Intraday participation within the Day Trading Education and Advisory Community. Over 95% of students rated the courses and lectures as excellent
-Worked as Consultant for a major Technical tahlil school as Trading Room Moderator and Content Contributor (Spring 1998)
-Retained as Independent Consultant to moderate this organization’s highest level product, Platinum Edition (Advanced) Trading Room. In 4 months, recorded over 75 points in net gains for Platinum clients in this period. (Winter 2001-2002)
-As lead trader of Evolution Trading in 2004, Fernando led clients to net over 100 handles in gains in the S&P500 and Nasdaq Futures over a period of 100 live-call trades


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