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Sunil Mangwani International Traders Conferences

Sunil Mangwani International Traders Conferences

Sunil Mangwani International Traders Conferences


: Very helpful webinars about

 Understand & Use Fibonacci Ratio’s Effectively

 Harmonic Patterns

The 1-2-3 chart pattern

The “Flag” chart pattern

Advanced APF Methods To Determine The Price Momentum

Sunil Mangwani is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management. He has been trading the forex market for the last 6 years and devises simple trading strategies based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study in the field of technical tahlil.

He has worked as content provider and article writer with different websites such as www.surefire-trading.com; www.trading-strategies.info and www.guppytraders.com.

He has also developed video modules on specialized topics, and has contributed technical articles to different magazines like “Traders” & “The Trading-Journal” & also to the educational sections of websites like Trade2Win etc. He has been the “Director of Education” at www.fxinstructor.com, where he would conduct ‘Live trading room’ webinars, where the price action was analyzed in real time and trades taken in real time based on the techniques taught.

In his years of trading and experience of teaching technical tahlil, he realized that applying technical tahlil is not enough to be a successful trader.

One can be successful in this exciting, fulfilling and yet demanding business, if and only if, one has a definite plan on how to approach the market.

If a trader has an iron clad “Trading Plan” with the 3M’s Method, Money, and Mind, it automatically puts the trader into the top 15% bracket of the winners.

He now conducts special coaching for developing specific trade plans at www.fibforex123.com

His vast repertoire of services on this website also includes Live Trading room training, special webinars on educational topics & advanced trading strategies

Personal page for sunil : http://www.fxstreet.com/search/contributors/authors/author.aspx?id=36ab48c8-9ff8-4ddd-be7e-636bb46aecf3


Understand & Use Fibonacci Ratio’s Effectively 1  http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/ca62a09f-a567-4ef2-89eb-36372b7f76f6.flv
Understand & Use Fibonacci Ratio’s Effectively 2   http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/0b660cae-b0c2-4059-b818-032b85212b64.flv
Tell me the Fibonacci ratios don’t work – Harmonic Patterns  http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/c955407d-7bea-42b4-8b28-76f4a6b3fb62.flv
The 1-2-3 chart pattern   http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/44e82cd1-3a8e-4991-a3c3-177cad1ce6be.flv
The “Flag” chart pattern  http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/438d2dcd-12b9-44ef-827c-b1ce3ab2ff0e.flv
Advanced APF Methods To Determine The Price Momentum http://cdn.fxstreet.com/videos/ca51521e-f23b-4034-97e5-d627ef65a782.flv