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Swing Trading Strategies with Mike McMahon

Swing Trading Strategies with Mike McMahon

Swing Trading Strategies with Mike McMahon


This course includes the following 17 chapters:
Introduction to the CD and to the concept of Swing Trading
Background – Market Basics, NYSE & NASDAQ, Market Benchmarks & Indexes,

Business Cycles, Strategies for Swing Trading
Fundamental and Technical tahlil – Introduction to Fundamental tahlil, Investor’s Business Daily, Technical tahlil: Line & Bar Charts
Candlestick Charts – Introduction to Candlesticks, Basic Patterns, Reversal Patterns, Advanced Patterns

Trading Psychology – Fear & Greed, the Winning Mindset
Stock Movements and Patterns – Stock Movements, Sideways Patterns, Uptrends & Downtrends

Support and Resistance
Volume – Introduction to Technical Indicators, The Indicator Traps,

 Favorite Swing Trade Indicators, Volume Drives Price, Climactic Volume, Chart tahlil

Trends – Up, Down & Sideways, Candlesticks Confirming Patterns, Volume Confirming Breakouts

Moving Averages – Introduction to Moving Averages, Moving Averages Forming Support, Moving Averages as a “Heads-up”, Moving Averages Forming Resistance

Moving Averages Convergence/Divergence (MACD) – Introduction to MACD, MACD as a “Heads-up”
On-Balance Volume – Introduction, OBV & Other Indicators
Relative Strength Index – Introduction to RSI, RSI: 15 & 9-Day, RSI: Tops & Bottoms, RSI: Long & Short-Term

When to Buy – Buy No Stock Before Its Time, When To Enter The Market, To Buy Or Not To Buy
When to Sell – Stop Losses, Taking Profits, Taking Profits II , Gap Play, Ideal Time To Enter a Swing Trade
Shorting – Introduction to Shorting, What Makes Your Shorts Fall Down,

Swing Trading Strategies with Mike McMahon

How To Go Short, Bollinger Bands
Wrap-Up – Money Management, Direct Access Trading, Now Its Up To You