Bret Steenbarger – Trader’s Guide to Self Discipline

Trader's Guide to Self Discipline
Trader’s Guide to Self Discipline


elf-destructive trading behavior. Every trader is guilty of it at some point – even professional traders and seasoned veterans. Yet – it’s one factor every trader can change -which can dramatically improve trading success. Now – discover a range of effective techniques for changing emotional and behavioral patterns, from MSN Money columnist and best-selling author of The Psychology of Trading, Brett Steenbarger.

Brett’s not just a psychologist, he’s a regular trader – just like you – so he knows first-hand that impulsive or irrational trading decisions result from more than just lack of discipline or good judgment. Over time, they become a vicious, destructive cycle.
Now, break that cycle, using Brett’s simple techniques to help …

۱٫ Dampen anxiety
۲٫ Reduce impulsive trading
۳٫ Develop “positive self talk”

Brett’s lively, amusing delivery and solid strategies will guide even the most over-confident or impulsive trader to:

* Control, eliminate, or diminish destructive behavior patterns.

* Improve investment performance.

* Develop an array of positive behavior patterns

* Avoid negative patterns associated with “behavioral splits”- and more!

This entertaining presentation – with complete online support materials – not only can help you stop sabotaging your trades – it can help you to succeed in many aspects of life.


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