۲۵rules of trading

25rules of trading

 The success that a trader achieves in the markets is directly correlated to one’s trading


discipline or lack thereof. Trading discipline is 90 percent of the game. The formula is

 very simple:Trade with discipline and you will succeed; trade without discipline and you

will fail.



۲۵rules of trading

I have been a trader and member of the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) for 20 years.

During my successful pit-trading career as a scalper, I traded in three different contract

markets: 30-Year Treasury bonds at the CBOT, the S&P 500 at the Chicago Mercantile

Exchange (CME) and the Gilts at the London International Financial Futures Exchange

(LIFFE). Currently, I also trade the electronic $5 Dow futures contract on the CBOT as

time permits.

Although my formal academic education consists of a bachelor’s degree in business

administration from the University of Denver, I never considered myself to be an

extremely gifted student. I have no formal training in market technical tahlil. I’m

unable to even set up a Fibonacci study or Moving Average study on a charting package,

let alone know how to trade with such data. I have no formal training in market fundamental

tahlil. I don’t understand the economic causal relationship between the

actions of the Federal Open Market Committee and Treasury bond prices or equity



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