۴Hour MACD

4Hour MACD
4Hour MACD

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۴ Hours(PDF) & 5 MINUTES(PDF & Template )by  the link below . . .

Welcome to the 4 Hour MACD Forex Strategy. This strategy is aimed at
simplicity as well as high probability trades. I have been in the equity market for
almost ten years now and in the forex market for two years. I learned very early that
forex trading is not for the shaky ones. One must have a tested and definite trading
strategy as well as well organized discipline to follow the strategy and execute the
plan as to the letter. One must be exact and precise.

Therefore I paper traded for almost two years and read everything I could lay
my hands on. I bought books and courses. I attend a 5 day live web seminar. All this
did not help me at all as it did not fit my style of personality and I just did not seem to
connect with all this different strategies. Over two years of watching the graphs with
different indicators, moving averages etc. I started to get a feeling for the movement


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