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Divergence System

Divergence System

Divergence System

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This method attempts to shed light on the balance of power between the bulls and the bears in a particularmarket, and also when the dominant group is beginning to lose their control. The MACD not only can alert you when a bull or bear market is nearing an end, but it can also trigger specific entry signals, with stop losses as well. Before I get into more specifics I think we should first briefly review the concept of divergence. Divergence is defined in the dictionary this way: “to depart from the norm: to deviate”. In the trading world it simply means a situation when a market and an accompanying indicator (that usually trend together) begin to go in opposite directions. This market condition will often precede a change in market trend. In and of itself a “divergence” in the market is a condition, but not a definite market signal. For example, a bullish divergence would occur if a technical indicator began to turn up in value while the underlying futures market continued to drop in price.



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