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از بین بیش از 2000 مقاله فارکس و بورس جستجو کنید





I believe TA works fine as long as it is your little secret. Since many people are now doing it, it requires more and more complex study or a snake going down the mountain as Aurgonaut mentioned about some of ddkay tahlil on another thread. I think it works in giving you an idea on when a stock or the stock market is getting tired or ready for a rally. It gives you a snapshot of what the masses are doing or thinking. Money of course runs the market and the masses have a lot of money and can easily take over the fundamentals. TA also can warn you that a stock that you thought looks good is probably in trouble as it tops out and selling is seen on the chart before an event blindsides it.Support and resistance can also be explained by the people wanting to get out when they get back their money so they don’t take a loss. In this of course computer trading will be programmed with these inputs to help these trends along or play the other way if it breaks.Cycles also play a role to help us see the long term as it unfolds because we as humans keep repeating the same mistakes. We are now in a winter cycle as debt must be purged from the system as it was needed back in 1929 and before that. Knowing this means when you buy stocks you will be going against a long term trend which says the market should go down.