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forex trading with candlestick and pattern


forex trading with candlestick and pattern

Overthe last9 years we have putin thousands ofhours ofresearch and developmentto refine ourtradingmethods.Ourtrading methods have been tried and are functioning successfully. They work forus but we cannotguarantee they willwork foryou. There are many trading systems available in the market,mostof them are mechanicaland are based only on a combination ofindicators,and although they make money fortraders,the numberofsuccessfultrades varies between 35and75 percent.By understanding the marketsentimentand by using chartand candlestick patterns,losses can be minimized.Whatwe attempt to do in this book is to take trading methodologies to a higherlevelby using a combination ofchartand candlestick patterns with technicalindicators.There is no single strategy thatworks successfully every time.You need to use the strategy appropriate forthe marketconditions.The majority ofthe technical indicators telltraders whathas happened and are considered lagging indicators while chartand candlestick patterns predictwhatwillhappen in the immediate future and can be considered as leading indicators.


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