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How To Make Money In Stocks


How To Make Money In Stocks

This bestseller has shown over one million investors the secrets to building stock market wealth.

From August 1982 to August 1987, the stock market staged a phänomenal
۲۵۰% increase. Employees’ pension funds made a fortune. Then in
one day in October 1987, the market dropped a record 24%. Sanity and
reality returned. That’s the stock market.
During the last 50 years, we have had twelve bull (up) markets and
eleveii bear (down) markets. But guess what? The bull markets averaged
going up about 100% and the bear markets, on an average, declined
۲۵% to 30%. Not only that, the typical bull market lasted 3 3/4 years
and the classic bear market lingered only nine months. Viewed with
perspective…that’s a terrific deal.
But I will go you one better. Did you know that in the last 100 years
we have had more than 25 bear market slumps (natural, normal corrections
of the previous bull market advance), and EVERY SINGLE TIME
HIGH GROUND? That’s fantastic.

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