Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader Vol I,II

Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader

The Compleat Day Trader Vol I,II

When I wrote The Compleat Day Trader in 1995, I felt that the science and art of day trading had come of age. Given the increased price volatility and technological advances in the delivery and tahlil of market-related data, it was clear to me that there would be numerous opportunities for the day trader. And this has indeed been the case. Yet the other side of opportunity is risk. With increased potential for profit comes increased potential for loss. My sense of the markets is that more traders than ever before ever, confuse or equate an increase in the number of day traders with an increase in the percentage of traders who actually win at this high stakes game. I believe that day traders and aspiring day traders need more effective tools to help them navigate the ever more treacherous market waters.





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