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John Wiley – The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting 3rd Edition

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John Wiley – The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting 3rd Edition

The latest volume in the bestselling series
In today’s business environment, a knowledge of finance and skills in budgeting and financial planning are more important than ever before. Totally updated and revised, this highly anticipated Third Edition provides new information on five such key topics as interpreting financial statements; information technology in finance; planning capital expenditures; information technology and your firm; business valuation, and much more. Top experts in each field explain the basics of cost-volume tahlil, forecasts, and budgets, and reveal how to create a winning business plan. Ideal reading for any manager or executive who needs a “refresher course” in finance.Les Livingstone, PhD, MBA, CPA (West Palm Beach, FL), runs a national consulting firm which specializes in complex business research and expert testimony in large commercial lawsuits. He was chairman of the Division of Accounting and Law at Babson College.Theodore Grossman (Wellesley, MA) is a senior member of the faculty of Babson College with an appointment in information technology and accounting.



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