Marc Boucher – Short-Term Trading Course

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Marc Boucher – Short-Term Trading Course

Marc Boucher – Short-Term Trading Course My goal is to pass along to you a way of thinking, being, and doing which will help you to produce dependable gains with low risk, whether you are a day trader or if you buy and sell stocks or futures on a long-term time frame. While the methods I have used with great success are mere tools and your performance is largely dependent on your own skills as a trader, one of the most important things you can get out of this Course is an awareness of what’s really important.What’s really important is:Controlling risk and minimizing drawdowns • Understanding the markets• Market Selection Continue learning and growing and educating yourself.One of the most important things I’ve emphasized is continuing education and consistent exploration of yourself and your trading performance. This is absolutely critical to your success and your enjoyment and fulfillment as a trader/investor. Finally, I encourage all of you to remember that repetition is the mother of skill. This course is here for you to use it continuously. I would suggest that you review your notes on this course again and again every six months or so until you have integrated it fully into your own trading and performance. So many times I notice traders who have read great books or taken great courses getvery  excited with every intention of following through.Yet months later, their trading has changed very little and they have failed to integrate what they learned into their actual performance as traders. Certainly that’s happened to all of us on some scale. That’s why it is critical for you to take action now.


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