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Marshall J Jones – Learn to day trade the E-mini S&P 500


Marshall J Jones – Learn to day-trade the E-mini S&P 500

I had been trading for about five years,and had very little success with short or long term trading.I became fascinated with the idea of day trading. I was always looking for the Holy Grail and as we traders know, there is no such thing. We all spend way too much money for the hype that’s out there, and with all the talk on the street about the money being made day-trading I started to look for a system or method to trade the S&P,but when I looked into the amount of margin you needed I quickly became disillusioned. I’m not in that league as it takes over $25,000.00 to trade one contract! I had heard of mini contracts and found you could trade the Emini S&P; it’s one-fifth the size of the big S&P; and is traded electronically on Globex with no need to talk over the phone to a broker. Well,it fit right into my style of trading.I guess I like the action,and I don’t like all that research for trading long-term positions.




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