Not so squeezy


Not so squeezy

Before I get into what I do to try to take advantage of the insight into market timing that the Bollinger Squeeze indicator can provide, first I thought it best to explain where this system came from in the first place.When first trading the Forex markets, I did so with very little indicators, as, not coming from a mathematical, economical or trading background, the different coloured lines,histograms and arrows meant very little to me. I spent the first six months trading, what I learnt later was to be called,“naked”, i.e. without indicators. During these first six months I was at times disheartened, discouraging and disillusioned as I had nothing to put the blame on, no indicator to tweak thinking it was it’s fault, but in hindsight it was the best thing I could have done to get started on the right foot….


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