Profit With Options Essential Methods For Investing Success – Wiley

Profit With Options Essential Methods For Investing Success – Wiley

Over the years, I’ve written two thick books on options trading that have a combined page count over 1,500. I write a weekly advisory newsletter, as well as a daily fax service. So what, you may wonder, do I have left to write about on the topic of options trading?With this book, my goal is not necessarily to cover a lot of innovative new ground, but to present material in a new way that will enhance the ability of traders to master a variety of option trading techniques and become more successful at incorporat-ing them into their overall trading program. My first book, Options as a Strategic Investment is, at 998 pages, a complete reference text that covers nearly every aspect of options trading in depth. McMillan on Options is more focused on how to apply various options strategies, including the ones I personally pre-fer and use frequently. What has been missing,based on feed-back received from my readers, seminar attendees, and subscribers,is a book that covers each phase of the options trading process step-by-step, reinforces individual concepts, and thus allows you to hone and refine skills,in essence, a work-book or study guide.



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