S A Mccrary – Hedge Fund Course

S A Mccrary – Hedge Fund Course

Business bookstores contain many different books on the general topic of hedge funds. Most of these books are written for potential investors. These books focus primarily on the investment characteristics of hedge funds, admittedly the most important topic related to this investment alter-native. Some of these texts are little more than marketing devices designed to encourage greater use of hedge funds in investor portfolios. An investor considering an investment in a hedge fund for the first time should read one or two of these books before making an investment.To reach a large market, these investment books are mostly written at a very simple level. They generally do not presume any prior knowledge of investments, finance, mathematical methods, accounting, or the law. The authors develop a survey that usually leaves the reader less than an expert after reading the text. After getting a general background, the investor will likely need to hire some combination of investment professionals, tax advisers, accountants, and lawyers before making an investment.


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