Spud MTF Stochastic

Simple Scalping 5min

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All the following 4 trade types use the 4H stochastic as the key signal for entry. It is
easier to see that signal with all the time frames on one chart. Either the 4H stochastic is high (above 76.4) or low (below 23.6). The 4H stochastic will be leading the entry quite a few hours ahead because the 4H will
not update as fast as the rest of the smaller time frame stochastics. We are always basing our indications on candle closes. We are either trading “to” the 4H stochastic or “away” from the 4H stochastic based on
the location of all the stochastics.
Our four basic trade types then are:
۱٫ Long: Climbing To the 4H stochastic
۲٫ Long: Climbing Away from the 4H stochastic
۳٫ Short: Diving To the 4H stochastic
۴٫ Short: Diving Away from the 4H stochastic


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