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SRDC Method

book 9

SRDC Method

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THREAD RULES: 1) Newbie question regarding this method should be directed to the SRDC level 1 thread at the beginner’s forum 2) Charts posted must be using candles only and good contrast background, meaning no black background please (it is sucking my laser toner dry!) 3) I will not tolerate NEGATIVITY in this thread. Any big critism regarding this method i suggest you DONT follow this method at all, or post a new thread with your own critism in anyway you like. 4) Constructive critism on a positive trend is most certaily my friend. 5) Please be humourous 100%. Im a Sc-Fi freak. When you dont know STAR WARS or STAR TREK or BSG or ….., please watch the movies or simply stay in the deepest jungle of Borneo alone, that way, you will learn from Chubaka himself about all the characters we will be mentioning. 6) I forgot! Sorry….


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