The Five Minute Investor

The Five Minute Investor

This book gives any investor the ability to protect him-or herself in this uncertain environment by using financial statements as a weapon. Becoming a “financial detective” doesn’t require any understanding of accounting, mastery of obscure language, or the ability to read the fine print without a microscope. In just five minutes, you can learn:- How to spot the tricks modern companies use to boost revenue totals, artificially reporting top-line growth.- Where to find all the places companies put acquisition gains and losses, either hiding bad investments or bolstering operating results with one-time items.- How to compare the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet to judge the quality and predictability of earnings.- What “pro forma results,” “EBITDA” and “goodwill” are, and what they can reveal…or hide from you.- How to tell when even an “honest” company is feeding you information that’s not entirely accurate or forthcoming


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