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Getting Started In Bonds

Getting Started In Bonds

John Wiley & Sons, Getting Started In Bonds, 2nd Edition

Getting Started In Bonds

Everything you need to know about bonds
Bonds are a key component in every portfolio, making it essential that investors understand what exactly they are and how they function.

Getting Started In Bond

Getting Started in Bonds, Second Edition has been fully updated and revised to take into account the ever-changing bond market as well as the current economic environment. This new edition explains the fundamentals of bonds in clear, easy-to-understand language.

It includes in-depth coverage of a variety of debt products, from Treasury notes to high-yield junk bonds and everything in between. This comprehensive guide is an essential primer for anyone who would like to invest in bonds but doesn’t know where to start. Getting Started in Bonds, Second Edition uses straightforward, accessible language that will help readers understand even the most complicated bond issues.Sharon Wright (Byfield, MA) was, most recently, fixed-income sales director at Lehman Brothers. Previously, she was assistant vice president at Fidelity Capital Markets.


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