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Norman Frumkin – Guide to Economic Indicators


Norman Frumkin – Guide to Economic Indicators

From average weekly earnings to value of the dollar, the new edition of Guide to Economic Indicators offers concise explanations of some macroeconomic statistical indicators gathered by the US government and other sources. For each indicator, Frumkin offers a capsule explanation, followed by discussion of data availability, content, methodology, sampling and revision accuracy, relevance, recent trends, and primary data source. For the 4th edition, he has added description of insured unemployment, job gains and losses, job openings and labor turnover, house prices, housing vacancy rates, mortgage loan applications, and selected services revenue. Formulas provided include capacity utilization rate, consumer confidence index, consumer sentiment index, housing affordability index, housing vacancy rate, labor hour productivity, multifactor productivity, unemployment rate, and unit labor costs. Tables include average weekly earnings in private nonagricultural industries, average weekly hours in private nonagricultural industries, U.S. balance of payments, U.S. balance of trade, commercial and industrial bank loans, personal bankruptcy filings, capacity utilization, consumer attitude indexes, consumer credit outstanding, consumer credit delinquency rate, consumer price index, corporate profits, distribution of income (household shares), net worth of families, Distribution of dollar net worth, employment (alternative definitions), employment cost index (private industry), farm parity ratio, GDP price measures, government economic transactions, gross domestic product and main components, help wanted advertising index, home sales for new and existing houses, house prices for new and existing houses, housing starts, housing vacancy rates, import and export price indexes,



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