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King Keltner-Trading Strategy

King Keltner-Trading Strategy A moving average calculation is the main indicator used in the King Keltner trading strategy.

تاریخ : ژوئن 26th, 2012
تاریخ : اکتبر 24th, 2009
15-Min Time frame Trading

  Download 15-Min-TF-Trading: indicators & PDF & templates by pressing the link below . . . 1) Open 15 min chart of G-J; change to candlesticks; enlarge as much as possible 2) Add Parabolic SAR, default settings; 3) Add 5 LWMA (close price); this is the signal line 4) Add 20 LWMA (close price); 5) […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846
A Mehanical Trading System

by Tom Joseph The material presented in this report is confidential and proprietary to Tom Joseph and Trading Techniques Inc. This information cannot be used, disclosed, or duplicated, without the prior written consent from Tom Joseph or Trading Techniques Inc. This work is protected by the Federal Copyright laws and no unauthorized copying, adaptation, or distribution […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0800
25rules of trading

 The success that a trader achieves in the markets is directly correlated to one’s trading   discipline or lack thereof. Trading discipline is 90 percent of the game. The formula is  very simple:Trade with discipline and you will succeed; trade without discipline and you will fail.     25rules of trading I have been a […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0800