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Jamie Rogers – Strategy, Value And Risk-The Real Options Approach

The surge of innovation in information technology at the end of the twentieth century reduced the cost of communications, which facilitated the globalisation of the production and capital markets. Globalisation has in turn spurred competition and consequently innovation. Sustainable competitive advantage is an increasingly difficult proposition in this environment, which raises a number of issues […]

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Fc Power Trading Course Forex Capital Markets 2003

Capital Markets Regardless of which instrument you are trading be it stocks, municipal bonds,U.S.treasuries,agricultural futures, foreign exchange,or any of the countless of a market as an investment opportunity remain the same.Namely,good investment markets all possess the following characteristics: liquidity,market transparency low transaction cost,and trending markets. Capital Markets  

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Options Trader

Options Trader There is no summary for this book Jim Graham is the product manager of OptionVue Systems, where he work s to develop and enhance the company’s OptionVue 5 options analysis software. Previously, he worked in the securities and commodities division of First Chicago Capital Markets, help ing broker- dealers, hedge funds, and other […]

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