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بایگانی‌ها Compleat Day - مرجع آموزش بازار بورس و فارکس

Bernstein, Jake – The Compleat Day Trader Vol I

Day trading is Wall Street’s hottest trend and, in The Complete Guide to Day Trading Stocks, famed futures trader and author Jake Bernstein turns his attention, knowledge, and experience to the exciting world of stock trading. Bernstein covers timing systems, trend following systems, breakout systems, and more — all illustrated with chart examples based on […]

تاریخ : مارس 21st, 1456
Jake Bernstein – The Compleat Day Trader Vol I,II

The Compleat Day Trader Vol I,II When I wrote The Compleat Day Trader in 1995, I felt that the science and art of day trading had come of age. Given the increased price volatility and technological advances in the delivery and tahlil of market-related data, it was clear to me that there would be numerous […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887