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forex report – predicting price movement

price movement Price action is the foundation of all technical indicators, yet most traders do little to understand it. Within trades, price action creates the most important element of context, defining inflection points that affect market entry and exit. The sophisticated investor understands price action and uses it to frame every trading decision. price movement […]

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Forex Report When to Trade

Forex Report One of the key elements of any trading system is market timing. Many traders fail to account for timing when making trading decisions, and those who do often rely on their instinct of market timing rather than empirical data. The sophisticated investor uses advanced timing techniques to optimize market entry and exit. Forex […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887
signal selection

The Forex Report is a periodic publication that investigates advanced strategies for superior trading performance in the foreign exchange markets. These reports utilize advanced statistical and econometric modeling techniques to create new insight into the trading strategy of the average trader. This Core Concept Brief, Signal Selection, is intended for traders with all levels of […]

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