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handbook for small business

The Small Business Owner’s Handbook to Search Engine Optimization is ideal for small business owners who want to learn an efficient and effective process for dramatically improving their Web site’s search engine rankings and doubling their site’s monthly unique visitors. Guaranteed! Stephen Woessner, of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Small Business Development Center, is a […]

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Handbook For Investment Committee Members How To Make Prudent Investments For Your Organization Wiley Finance Series Ebook-Yyepg

l et’s say I am a member of the investment committee of an endowment fund for a college, hospital, museum, local Boy or Girl Scouts council, or my church or synagogue or a member of the investment committee of a pensionfund  or foundation. Whether they’ve told me or not, I am a “fiduciary” for that […]

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Handbook for small business

small business Does your small business need an employee handbook? To many business owners, an employee handbook may sound like the kind of bureaucratic red tape that only large corporations need to worry about. And some may not know what it is or even have thought about it. But, in fact, once you start employing […]

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