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Brooks And Kim-The Individual Investor And The Weekend Effect – A Reexamination With Intraday Dat

Individual Investor It is a well known empirical finding that returns, on average, are negative on Monday. Miller (1988) suggests that this anomaly could be the result of individualinvestor trading activity. Lakonishok and Maberly (1990) and Abraham and Ikenberry (1994) use odd-lot trading as aproxy for individual investor trading patterns and jind evidence consistent  with […]

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Individual Investor s Guide To Investment

stantial to individual investors. In some primary focus areas, there were no sites that met this criteria.The top-rated sites are arranged by investment focus. To be included inthis listing, a site had to have at least a four or five rating in a primary focus area related to the investment category(in other words, a five-rated […]

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A Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics 2004

A thorough trading guide from a professional trader The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics can help the new individual investor understand the mechanics of the markets. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book details what it takes to trade and shows readers how they can broaden their horizons by investing in the […]

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