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Does Trend Following Work

he objective for any investor who wants to be active in the markets is quite simple. How does one make effective decisions in an uncertain and dynamic world? The problem is finding a generalized approach that will work effectively across a broad set of fast-paced asset markets. A ealisticpproach to decision-making should involve a methodology […]

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Does Trend Following Work on Stocks

Over the years many commodity trading advisors, proprietary traders, and global macro hedge funds havesuccessfully applied various trend following methods to profitably trade in global futures markets.        

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Michael Covel – Trend Following : How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets

How did trader, John W. Henry, start out as a farmer and end up a billionaire and owner of, first the Florida Marlins and now, the Boston Red Sox? How do traders like Bill Dunn, Ed Seykota and Keith Campbell continually pull profits in the hundreds of millions from both bull and bear markets? The […]

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Trend Following-15-150EMACrossover

Trend Following No abstract is available for this item. exnes  

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