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chart patterns tutorial

patterns tutorial Traders have debated the merits of “technical tahlil” versus “fundamental tahlil” for years. In reality, most traders probably do not make such a rigid distinction between these two approaches to market tahlil and use some of both in making their decisions… (patterns tutorial)    

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501
Metastock Chart Patterns Tutorial

Metastock Chart Patterns Research has proven that some patterns have high forecasting probabilities. These patterns include: The Cup & Handle, Flat Base, Ascending and Descending Triangles, Parabolic Curves, Symmetrical Triangles, Wedges, Flags and Pennants, Channels and the Head and Shoulders Patterns. In my opinion, these are some of the best patterns to trade.This section is […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846
Technical Indicators Tutorial

COT reports provide a breakdown of the preceding Tuesday’s open interest for markets in which 20 or more traders or hedgers hold positions equal to, or above, reporting levels established by the CFTC.The report breaks down open interest for large trader positions into “commercial” and “non-commercial” categories.Commercial traders are required to register with the CFTC […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846