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از بین بیش از 2000 مقاله فارکس و بورس جستجو کنید

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Trading the Trend with Fibonacci by Neal Hughes


inside a rar file [13M] includes 2 exe files:-
۱) part1 – 200M
۲) part2 – 120M

Part 1 – Timing Your Entry
Apply Fibonacci techniques to time optimum entries and exits.
Whether a particular Fib level is likely to hold or break.
Improve your ability to nail the turns..
Combine trends from different time-frames to improve your odds.
Decide whether a move is likely to be weak or strong.
How to trigger an entry at a Fib level when the odds are better that it will go your way.

Part 2- Evaluating Trend
Determine whether to go short or long.
When to trade with caution, when you can be aggressive.
When the market is more likely to swing against your position.
Determine whether your stops should be closer or further.
When it’s time to take a quick profit.
When it’s time to let your profits run.
When trends are likely to reverse.





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