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Advanced Methods for Finding Dominant Trends


Global Financial Market Crisis and What it Means to Forex

In Thursday’s session, Mark will go over some of the main issues pressing the current global financial crisis and discuss how the fallout in the days and weeks to come could create longer-term trends for traders.

Who is Mark W

Advanced Methods for Finding Dominant Trends

Advanced Methods for Finding Dominant Trends

Mark Whistler is a full-time trader and author. His books include 2034 – The Corporation – Post 2012 (March, 2009), The Swing Trader’s Bible (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2008), co-authored with Matt McCall, Trade with Passion and Purpose (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2006), Trading Pairs (Wiley, 2004), Profit from China (Investment U/Wiley, 2006) and Profit from Uranium (Investment U/Wiley, 2006.) His upcoming book is Trading Forex Volatility (co-authored with John Taxiarchos) and is scheduled for release in late April, 2009.

From time to time, Whistler can be seen on CNBC, while also contributing weekly to TradingMarkets.com and TheFXMarkets.com. Mark is the founder of WallStreetRockStar.com, FXvolatility.com and InstitutionalIndexResearch.com. In March 2009, Mark and three International partners launched fxWorldMarkets.com, developing algorithmic currency trading solutions for institutions and retail traders globally. Whistler also contributes educational articles to Investopedia.com, BabyPIPs.com and TradersChoiceFX.com. In addition, Mr. Whistler founded and operates EatsForTheStreets.com and MarkWhistlerGallery.com.

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