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Making Money with CPS 2.0

Making Money

Making Money with CPS 2.0


Also, Making Money with CPS 2.0 Seminar by Ed Downs included as your FREE gift with purchase of CPS 2.0 Plug-in – a $199 value!
Making Money with CPS 2.0 is the perfect sequel to Ed Downs’ original Chart Pattern Book, “The 7 Chart Patterns that Consistently Make Money”. In the seminar, Ed shows you why Chart Patterns work. He also illustrates why Candle Patterns are the “ideal signal confirmers” and how the classic patterns like Head and Shoulders are optimal for identifying longer term moves. There is a special section devoted to Money Management and Ed also talks about the tools in CPS 2.0 and how to use them. This comprehensive seminar will really help you understand how and more importantly when to use this product.

The Chart Pattern Systems 2.0 Plug-in Includes:
Candle Pattern Systems

* Belt Hold Candle Pattern
* Counterattack Candle Pattern
* Doji Star Candle Pattern
* Engulfing Lines Candle Pattern
* Harami Candle Pattern
* Hammer/Hanging Man Candle Pattern
* Inverted Hammer Candle Pattern
* Kicking Candle Pattern
* Morning/Evening Stars Candle Pattern
* Piercing/Dark Could Cover Candle Pattern
* Stick Sandwich Candle Pattern
* Tasuki Candle Pattern
* Three Inside Candle Pattern
* Three Methods Candle Pattern
* Three Outside Candle Pattern
* Three White Soldiers Candle Pattern

۷ Key Chart Pattern Systems

* Consolidations
* Fibonacci Retracements
* Gaps
* Saucers
* Support and Resistance
* Trendlines
* Volume Patterns

Long Term Pattern Systems

* Head and Shoulders
* Inverted Head and Shoulders
* Double Tops
* Double Bottoms
* Triple Tops
* Triple Bottoms

Pattern Signal Strategies

* Support & Resistance Strategy
* Consolidation Strategy
* Fibonacci Retracement Strategy
* Trendline Break Strategy
* Trendline Bounce Strategy
* Saucer Strategy
* Gap Strategy
* Volume Strategy
* Reversal Strategy
* Continuation Strategy

Mechanical Strategies

* Pattern Signals Strategy
* Swing Trading Strategy
* Position Trading Strategy




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