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Norman Hallett’s Trading Mind

Norman Hallett's Trading Mind

Norman Hallett’s Trading Mind


Attention All Traders!:

“Here’s Why Winning Traders Keep Winning
and Losers Keep Losing…”

Mental/Emotional Training
For Traders In Ten Easy Lessons

We’re So Convinced That Our Software Will Dramatically Improve Your Trading, We’ll Guarantee Results… and that’s not all
Dear Trader,

Are you having a hard time handling losses? Does your trading discipline waiver when markets get volatile? Are you doubting your trading system after a few losing trades?

If so, you’re not alone.

All traders are asked to face their own emotions. Stock traders, futures traders, forex traders, and bond traders … ALL TRADERS!

Studies show that 90% of our mind’s power is housed in the subconscious mind and is responsible for our behaviors, habits, and performance.

Winning traders know this.

That 90% can either work for you or against you. I’m here to tell you how winners make sure that the 90% is working for them!

It’s quick and easy … all you have to do is let our software run itself for 8 minutes, 3 times a week! The techniques you’ll learn with this incredible software are guaranteed to get you to stick with your tested trading system.

Here is a small sample of what TradingMind can do for you:

Gain the strength to take your losses without wavering
Eliminate fear, doubt and hesitation
Avoid the dangers of over-confidence
Develop a winning mindset based on the mental/emotional rules of a winning trader
Eliminate the emotions that can sabotage your success
Reverse bad habits and replace them with good ones
Live in the reality of your system and level your emotions
Establish clear, specific, time-based goals – then reach them!

Here’s what else you’ll get:

Learn to maintain discipline
Reduce the stress associated with trading gains and losses
Visualize Success like a champion trader!
Travel your chosen path with confidence!



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