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آموزش تحلیل تکنیکال به زبان فارسی

آموزش تحلیل تکنیکال به زبان فارسی

تاریخ : ژانویه 13th, 2018
Impulsive wave

Impulsive wave A term used in the Elliott wave theory to describe the strong move in a stock’s price coinciding with the main direction of the underlying trend. These impulse waves are shown in the illustration below as wave 1, wave 3 and wave 5. Impulse waves also refer to the strong downward movements in a downtrend. Impulsive wave    

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887
practical elliott wave trading strategies

This tutorial begins a series of how to apply Elliott wave tahlil for practical trading strategies.Everything taught in this tutorial series will apply to any actively traded market included futures, stocks, indexes and mutual funds and any time frame whether five-minute or monthly. This tutorial begins a series of how to apply Elliott wave analysis […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846
Prechter Robert – The Major Works Of R N Elliott

Ralph Nelson Elliott (1871-1948) led an adventurous and productive life. He enjoyed a remarkably successful accounting career, including a U.S. State Department appointment, long before he published his first book on the stock market at the age of 67. An inspiration to anyone facing his “declining years, ” Elliott’s evident genius reached full flower in […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846