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investment psychology explained

psychology Using his no – nonsense, hands – on approach, Martin teaches you to overcome your emotional and psych ological barrier s which keep you from sound, common – sense decision – making. Drawing from the wisdom of many creative inve stors including Jesse Liver more, Humphrey Neill, and Bernard Baruch, as well as from […]

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truth about money management

Although we can learn from professional money managers, as private traders, we should not fully emulate their approach to the markets.Here’s how individual trader and money manager goals differ and how the differences affect a key component: money management. Money management is like beauty — its true quality is in the eye of the beholder. […]

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Yale Hirsch – Stock Traders Almanac 2005

Published every year since 1967, Stock Trader’s Almanac is a practical investment tool with a wealth of information organized in a calendar format. It alerts readers to little-known market patterns and tendencies to help market participants forecast market trends with accuracy and confidence. The data in the Almanac is some of the cleanest in the […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846