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از بین بیش از 2000 مقاله فارکس و بورس جستجو کنید

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Download 50-cci-System  :

PDF by  the link below . . .My good friend Verus has taken an extraordinary amount of time to study and document the essentials of the 50cci trading system that I introduced. I have reviewed and edited this document with Verus and I believe it captures the essentials of the protocol that we are currently using and discussing in TradersHaven.

The use of the higher time frame analysis is a work in progress and has not been 100% objectified. Dharma, my trading partner and friend for almost 8 years, has been instrumental in helping identify some of the nuances of using the higher time frames and integrating them in to the system.



  • عنوان مقاله : 50cci-system
  • نوع فایل : ZIP
  • حجم فایل : 1.3 مگابایت
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