A Realistic And Effective Strategy For Using Candlestic

A Realistic And Effective Strategy For Using Candlestic

Tsutae Kamada

Pick up any stock or futures chart book in Japan and more than 90% of the time you’ll find candlestick charts. It’s rare to see bar charts like those used in U.S. When I ask friends who work at stock brokerages in Japan why they use andlesticks rather than bars, interestingly, nobody says candlesticks are better just that they are clearer What they mean by clearer is that with candlestick charts, we can distinguish down-days from up-days quickly and easily.

On an up-day, we see a white real body candlestick. On a down-day, the real body of the candlestick is black. (See examples below.) On the other hand, with the bar chart, according my friends, it is not so easy to tell if the day is up or down by a quick glace.

As we know, this problem can be solved easily. We have many charting-software packages today which can give us different colors for up-days and down-days we simply make the down-day bar black and the up-day bar white

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