Jake Bernstein – Dearborn Trade Publishing – No Bull Investing

Jake Bernstein – Dearborn Trade Publishing – No Bull Investing

Congratulations! I commend you for buying this book. If you have borrowed this book from a library or a friend, then I commend you for being frugal. Saving money is a good thing to do. Perhaps, after you read this book and realize that it offers you many important tips, tools, strategies, and directions for finan-cial success and survival, you may want to buy a copy for yourself and make it a permanent part of your investment resources.I congratulate you, simply because there are few individuals who are willing to take the time and effort to become financially independent. Most people today are looking for easy answers, easy success, instant success, get-rich-quick schemes, the lot-tery, and that windfall inheritance from Uncle Louie. The fact that you have taken the time and the trouble to seek out this book—and hopefully to learn from it and use it—sets you apart immediately from the millions who dream of success but who don’t have the self-control or discipline to do anything but dream.


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