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Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques-Steve Nison


Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques-Steve Nison

A form of technical tahlil, Japanese candlestick charts are a versatile tool that can be fused with any other technical tool, and will help improve any technician’s market tahlil. They can be used for speculation and hedging, for futures, equities or anywhere technical tahlil is applied. Seasoned technicians will discover how joining Japanese candlesticks with other technical tools can create a powerful synergy of techniques; amateurs will find out how effective candlestick charts are as a stand-alone charting method. In easy-to-understand language, this title delivers to the reader the author’s years of study, research and practical experience in this increasingly popular and dynamic approach to market tahlil. The comprehensive coverage includes everything from the basics, with hundreds of examples showing how candlestick charting techniques can be used in almost any market.

  • عنوان مقاله : ...Japanese Candlestick Charting
  • نوع فایل : PDF
  • حجم فایل : 5.88 کیلوبایت
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