Mike Sincere – Understanding Stocksreduced

Mike Sincere – Understanding Stocksreduced

Thousands of books have already been written about the stock market, many of them technical and tedious. Before I wrote this book, I was amazed that so many boring books had been written about such a fascinating subject. Just like you, I hate reading books that put me to sleep by the second chapter. That is why I was so determined to write an entertaining, easy-to-read, and educational book about the market.I wanted to write a book that I can hand to you and say, “Read everything in this book if you want to learn quickly about stocks.” You don’t have to be a dummy, idiot, or fool to understand the market. You also don’t have to be a genius. After you read this book, you will realize that understanding stocks is not that hard. (The hard part is making money, but we’ll get to that later.)


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