The Equity Options Strategy Guide

The Equity Options Strategy Guide

This booklet is an introduction to basic equity option strategies for option and/or stock investors

The purpose of this booklet is to provide an introduction to some of the basic equity option strategies available to option and/or stock investors. Exchange-traded options have many benefits including flexibility, leverage, limited risk for buyers employing these strategies, and contract performance guaranteed by The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC). Options allow you to participate in price movements without committing the large amount of funds needed to buy stock outright. Options can also be used to hedge a stock position, to acquire or sell stock at a purchase price more
favorable than the current market price, or, in the case of writing (selling) options, to earn premium income. Options give you options. You’re not just limited to buying, selling or staying out of the market.With options, you can tailor your position to your own financial situation, stock market outlook and risk tolerance. All option contracts traded on U.S. securities exchanges are issued, guaranteed and cleared by OCC.OCC is a registered
clearing corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has received a ‘AAA’ rating from Standard & Poor’s Corporation. The ‘AAA’ rating relates to OCC’s ability to fulfill its obligations as counterparty for options trades.

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