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Andrew Willis – The Insiders Guide to Trading the World Stock Markets

  Book Description  This book is written for the sole purpose as a guide to trading and investing in the stock markets and should not be viewed or interpreted as the only ans of profiting or as a guarantee to profit. Please be advised that the data provided, especially the Web site links and market indices is current as […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Andrews Pitchfork

Book Description  Andrews’ Pitchfork is a method of channel identification in a trending market  This technique, in effect, splits a major channel into two minor equidistant channels The lines in the Pitchfork tend to delineate lines of support and resistance  

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Andrews Scott – Understanding Gaps

Book Description Understanding Gaps is part of an ongoing series of publications of Traders Press Inc®. Each book in  his series is intended to provide traders with an up-close look at a topic which has had little in  epth coverage in other trading related literature…and to provide a source of additional information  s well as […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Can Splits Create Market Liquidity – Theory And Evidence

  Book Description We present a market microstructure model of stock splits in the presence of minimum  tick size rules.The key feature of the model is that  iscretionary trading is endogenously determined. There exists a tradeoff between adverse selection costs on the one hand and discreteness  elated costs and opportunity costs of monitoring the market on the […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
All About Forex Market In Usa Eng

  Book Description The focus of this book is on the U.S. segment of the global foreign exchange market. Chapters1-3describe the structure of the market and how it has changed. Chapters 4-6 comment on the main participant groups and the instruments that are traded. Chapters 7-8 look at foreign exchange trading from a micro,rather than […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Alma Miranda – Math and Money

  I sometimes wonder if money management would be more accurately portrayed as the “missing link” rather than the “weak link” in trading. Because you seldom hear anyone talk about it. Everyone is always looking for the “holy grail” indicator that nobody else has that is going to make them their fortune, when in fact, […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide

The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide The Hedge Fund Compliance and Risk Management Guide provides you with a broad examination of the most important compliance and risk management issues associated with today’s hedge funds. Straightforward and accessible, this invaluable resource covers everything from how hedge funds continue to generate lucrative returns to why […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
article – Arbitrage Pricing Theory

article – Arbitrage Pricing Theory Arbitrage refers to riskless profits that are generated not because of a net investment but on account of exploiting the difference that exists in the price of identical financial instruments due to market imperfections. Eventually, these arbitrage opportunities are eliminated and supply becomes equal to demand. Thus, the innate tendency […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013
Algora – Myths Of The Free Market

  Book Description Myths of the Free Market is arguably the most significant book in economics and politics since John Maynard Keynes. It systematically presents a broad range of telling criticisms of free market economics, criticisms that have not been presented elsewhere. Despite our genuine faith in the free market, laissez faire has not maximized […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013

  I have got a lot of questions about the mystery of the bars count. I’m going to describe everything about Bars in this appendix. What’s a BAR? The bar is the dawning unit on the chart which you can specify by choosing the period of the timeframe

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013